Pyramid Racing Collectibles

Shipping Information

The majority of (in-stock) orders leave our warehouse in 1-2 business days

Most orders will ship via the United States Postal Service, USPS Priority Mail.

Our shipping rates are determined by a formula we use based on product weight, which incorporates both in-stock and pre-order merchandise. Because of the formula we use, the shipping cost on in-stock items (mostly 1:64 cars) can be inflated, these rates will be adjusted. We will not over charge you for shipping.
We do not use automated credit card processing companies, all information including shipping cost are physically checked for accuracy before your order is processed.

Shipping & Handling Chart
Shipping Rates are based om the item weight * of your purchase.
       * This is not the exact weight of each item, it is an estimate used for calculation purposes only.

  0 -.3 lbs.   $2.95
 .3 -.6 lbs.   $4.95
 .6 - 1 lbs.   $6.95
  1 - 2 lbs.   $7.95
  2 - 3 lbs.   $9.75
  3 - 4 lbs.   $10.50
  4 - 5 lbs.   $11.50
  5 - 6 lbs.   $13.50
  6 - 7 lbs.   $15.00
  7 - 10 lbs.   $17.00
  10 - 13 lbs.   $20.00
  13 - 16 lbs.   $23.00
  16 - 19 lbs.   $26.00
  19 - 22 lbs.   $29.00
  22 - 25 lbs.   $33.00
  25 - 30 lbs.   $36.00
  30 - 100 lbs.   $46.00
Custom Shipping Methods Available - Favorite Driver Auto Ship, All 1:64 scale, etc.
We have numerous customers who have custom shipping methods with us, from ordering all 1:64 cars to ordering just their favorite driver in 1:64 and or 1:24. We don't advertise this, but we will work out any custom shipping arrangement your looking for. We can make sure you receive what you want, any way you want it, just let us know. International customers welcome.
Here are a couple examples: We have customers who want every 1:64 scale made. We set aside all 1:64 cars for them, grouping anywhere from 6 to 12+ and then shipping, giving them the best available shipping cost and guaranteeing them all cars without having to order them. We also have customers who want all 1:24 or 1:64 cars for a specific driver. Some customers want each car shipped ASAP, others would rather group and have us reduce shipping cost. Just let us know what you want and we can make it happen.
Email us at
International Orders
International delivery fees are not calculated during checkout. We will manually calculate shipping charges and send you an email with correct cost. International orders are not processed until you agree to the available shipping options. You may also incur duty tax when importing items. These taxes, fees, if accessed by your government are your responsibility.
* International orders will be void, if address verification AVS or 3-digit credit card code do not match.