2020 Ryan Blaney #12 BODYARMOR All-Star 1/24 Diecast

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Action Racing Collectables Diecast 1/24 (1 of 504) Sold-Out
Action "Light Up Edition" Diecast 1/24 (1 of 288)*
Action RCCA ELITE Diecast 1/24 (1 of 127)
2020 Ryan Blaney #12 BODYARMOR All-Star / Ford Mustang NASCAR 1/24 diecast, by Action Lionel. The Team Penske #12 BODYARMOR All-Star Ford Mustang was raced by Ryan Blaney in the NASCAR Cup All-Star race at Bristol Motor Speedway on July 15, 2020. The "Light Up Edition" will light up under the rear chassis - just like the amber under glow of Ryan Blaney's All-Star car.
Autographed version available $102.99 (1 of 96) - Autographed by Ryan Blaney, on the windshield in Silver. Includes an Action Racing Collectables certificate of authenticity.
Standard 1/24 Sold-Out


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Manufacturer: Lionel NASCAR Collectables
Brand: Action Racing Collectables Diecast
Scale: 1:24 Diecast
Item#: C122023BWRBAS