2024 Christopher Bell #20 DEWALT 1/24 Diecast (Sept)

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Action Racing Collectables Diecast 1/24 (1 of TBD)
Action Racing Collectables Color Chrome Diecast 1/24 (1 of TBD)
Action RCCA ELITE Diecast 1/24 (1 of TBD)
2024 Christopher Bell #20 DEWALT / Toyota Camry XSE NASCAR 1/24 diecast, by Action Lionel. The Joe Gibbs Racing #20 DEWALT Toyota Camry XSE will be raced by Christopher Bell in multiple events during the 2024 NASCAR Cup season.
(Pre-Order September)
Manufacturer: Lionel NASCAR Collectables
Brand: Action Racing Collectables Diecast
Scale: 1:24 Diecast
Item#: C202423DWLCD